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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Kirsten Dunst Characters as the 16 Personality Types

Friend of the Blog Rory sent me a Tweet a couple weeks back in which Hannah Seidlitz contended that a favorite Kirsten Dunst film is “the fastest way to identify anyone’s taste.” As she stipulated, if you cite “Melancholia” over “Spiderman”, or “Bring it On” over “The Virgin Suicides”, your taste becomes apparent pretty quick. It makes sense. Dunst’s filmography is so dense and varied that whatever you pick as your favorite is liable to stand out against everything else. That variance, though, is what got me to thinking in even grander terms than mere taste. It got me to thinking about Kirsten Dunst movies in terms of personality. In 1921, the preeminent Swiss psychologist Carl Jung published Psychological Types, categorizing people into 16 different personalities. Those types were given monotonous titles like ISFJ and ISTP, each one bearing descriptions that sites like 16Personalities.com have broken down into more easy-to-digest monikers. Even those, however, are a bit too mundane for an exotic year on the calendar like 2021. So let’s take those 16 Personalities and ascribe them a coordinating Kirsten Dunst character. I think it’ll make it more fun for the kids in sociology class. I’ll expect the textbooks to update accordingly.

Kirsten Dunst Characters as the 16 Personality Types

Campaigner: Betsy Jobs, Dick

Architect: Claudia, Interview With a Vampire

Logician: Mary Svevo, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Commander: Lizzie Bradbury, Wimbledon

Debater: Betty Warren, Mona Lisa Smile

Advocate: Justine, Melancholia

Mediator: Kelly Woods, Get Over It

Protagonist: Amber Atkins, Drop Dead Gorgeous

Logistician: Vivian Mitchell, Hidden Figures

Defender: Edwina Morrow, The Beguiled

Executive: Regan Crawford, Bachelorette

Consul: Claire Colburn, Elizabethtown

Virtuoso: Torrance Shipman, Bring It On

Adventurer: Mary Jane Watson, Spider-Man

Entrepreneur: Marion Davies, The Cat’s Meow

Entertainer: Nicole Oakley, Crazy/Beautiful

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