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Friday, August 06, 2021


“It’s just the last couple of days my mind has been…not good.” – Elaine Benes

Here’s the thing, I was going to write a whole post explaining why the blog would be going dark for a couple weeks, how my mind feels muddy, how my body feels drained, how I’ve watched quite a few movies over the last month but am struggling not so much to form my thoughts, though there is some of that too, but getting my mind to make my hands type them out in some way that matches what’s in my head. But my mind is so muddy, my body so drained, that I’m not even sure I can manage that, even though I just tried. So, this is just a quick Lipton Cup-a-Blog to tell you that, after my traditional Olympics in Review post on Monday, provided my thoughts cohere enough on that one, and I really, really want them to because I really, really love writing that post (mostly for myself), Cinema Romantico will be going radio silent for a couple weeks. And maybe by the time we get back we will be able to...I lost my train of thought. 

(Reader’s Note: It has come to Cinema Romantico’s attention that this post may have engendered worry among our loyal frustrated followers. Alas, this only underlines the [lack of a] point of this post, my brain-fry preventing me from properly articulating my thoughts. I assure you, however, that this is merely general brain-fry, the kind suffered right now the world over. Here in America, where everything seemed poised to finally reach some kind of relative normalcy only to return to the precipice of dread combined with 16-ish months of working from home has just left me weary. But, as I have said many times before, this blog is my refuge, my garden; I won’t let it grow weeds for too long.)

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