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Friday, January 21, 2022

Blog Brand Definition

Over the weekend, movie editor, director, and writer John Magary kicked up the daily Twitter dust storm when he noted that on a recent airplane flight he saw most of his fellow passengers watching movies like “Black Widow” and “Jungle Cruise”, finding a variation on the old cultural vegetables line by deeming this Disney content cultural baby food. “A 40 year old, watching Jungle Cruise,” he summarized. “This used to be considered embarrassing.” Astute readers of the blog may recall that just a few days ago I posted a review of “Jungle Cruise.” Because my schedule prevented me from seeing it on the big screen at the end of July, I only just watched it on my November flight to Rome. That means I was a 44-year old watching “Jungle Cruise” on a plane.

I wasn’t mad. Why would I be? I’m 44! Live and let live, man. Besides, I was mostly just amused in noting the irony that I was one of the very objects of Magary’s ire. He is as entitled to his opinion as Bruce Steele and Edwin Arnaudin at Asheville Movies. And while Magary had all sorts of social media crusaders immediately swoop in to defend the honor of “Jungle Cruise” and the little engine that could Disney, well, you can read my review. I was not exactly a fan. Not that I was ashamed to watch “Jungle Cruise”, mind you. Far from it. I was excited to see if Emily Blunt could effect a Golden Age-ish adventure heroine and she sorta did. Indeed, this brings me to my point. 

Magary’s Twitter bio notes that he is the director of “The Mend.” It lists that movie as being released in 1977 but that’s just a little joke. “The Mend” was released in 2014. I know because I reviewed it for Slant Magazine back when I was still writing for them. In fact, not only did I review “The Mend”, I gave it a positive notice. In fact, not only did I give “The Mend” a positive notice, “The Mend” Twitter account literally cited me as being a person with impeccable taste (!). Me! A 44-year old who watched “Jungle Cruise” on an airplane! 

I watch box office behemoths on a plane; I watch indies that premiere at SXSW. 

Do I contradict myself? 
Very well then I contradict myself, 
(I am large, I contain multitudes.) 

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