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Thursday, August 31, 2023

Another Trailer Enquiry

Adhering to this blog’s track record of impeccable timing, we managed to do a trailer-only post the very day that, like, every trailer ever dropped. The new Fincher, the new Meg, the new Mann. Sigh. So, like the committed movie blogger I am, here are a few quick thoughts on some new movie trailers, the cool new movie trailers of the fall and winter’s most anticipated, for “The Killer,” “What Happens Later,” and “Ferrari,” diligently typed up in my Notes app while watching them on the train. 


Like a living self-help book for assassins.

I find myself totally willing to roll with the Prestige Hallmark unexpected connection theme because of just how much it fits the productional storyline, like you’re going to the theater, looking for something to see, and there she is, unexpectedly, Meg Ryan, again, finally. The movie itself, well, that’ll happen later, let’s just enjoy the tantalizing possibility for now.

“How fast does that go?”
“It goes very fast.”

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