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Monday, April 17, 2006

Jesus in a Bathrobe

Last night I celebrated the Easter holiday by indulging in a one-man show of the (let’s all be honest here) wretched musical “Jesus Christ Superstar”…………in a bar. Oh yes. I do not jest. The usual Sunday-night bartender at the glorious Cork Lounge (a mere skip and a jump down an alley beside my apartment) provided a gallery of approximately 9 people the most riveting version of an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical set in front of a pool table I’ve ever seen. He sang all the words – did the choreography – and handled numerous costume changes in the form of putting on and taking off a multi-colored bathrobe meant to represent the robe of Jesus Himself.

Last year he apparently had to work on Easter Sunday and was forced to perform from behind the bar. But this year he was generously granted the night off and thus was allowed to stage his interrupted (save for intermission) two hour version.

I can’t really comment on the quality of the songs or his singing voice if only because a couple Carlsberg’s will impair your judgment on such things. But truly that’s the way “Jesus Christ Superstar” should be seen. You need to watch it knowing you can sidle to the bar for another pint whenever you wish and take breaks to chat with your fellow theater-goers regarding hard-hitting topics such as Oprah’s Book Club and the potential of the upcoming “X-Men” film.

There are those who will say Mel Gibson’s take on the crucifixion in “Passion of the Christ” was bolder. But I don’t recall Jesus in the Gibson version being fed a sip of what I can only hope was Pabst Blue Ribbon by Mary Magdalene while “nailed” to the cross. Now that’s bold.


The Fab Miss B said...

It was really the perfect way to commemorate the death and ressurection of Jesus. I still can't believe we walked through horizontal rain to watch that, but it was certainly humorous and I did enjoy the conversation. E and I always enjoy your dry witticisms.

Wretched Genius said...

Son of a bitch. Why didn't I stay an extra day? Why, lord, why!!!

Anonymous said...

Where the hell is that bar? i will begin filling out my change of address form now.