' ' Cinema Romantico: A Mid-Point Review

Thursday, August 31, 2006

A Mid-Point Review

Well, dutiful blog-readers, we have reached the threshhold of the cinema season in which we are right between the blockbustery schlock of summer and the more important and often more well done film bounty that is fall and winter. (Fall and winter this year - as is the case every year -appears more promising than anything we've already seen. "The Fountain". "Stranger Than Fiction". The new Scorsese movie. And not one, not two, but - count 'em - three movies with Kate Winslet!) But before we move onto the movies that will do the majority of Oscar-contending and garner most of the year's finest reviews, let's reflect on what has already come in this the year of 2006.

Best Films of 2006 Thus Far:
1. A Prairie Home Companion
2. United 93
3. Miami Vice

Best Performances of 2006 Thus Far:
-Meryl Streep, A Prairie Home Companion
-Paul Giamatti, Lady in the Water
-Aaron Eckhart, Thank You For Smoking

Single Most Sublime Cinematic Moment of 2006 Thus Far:
-In "A Prairie Home Companion" when Kevin Kline flips down the lid to his cigarette holder to reveal a long shot of Virginia Madsen walking toward him. This shot combined with the song Garrison Keillor is performing onstage at the same moment is so perfect you may the find the need to weep.


Wretched Genius said...

My List:

1. Brick
2. Edmond
3. The Descent (I can't help it, I was raised on horror movies)

1. William H. Macy, Edmond
2. Joseph Gordan Levitt, Brick
3. Michelle Mognahan, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Rory Larry said...

My List:

1. Brick
2. Miami Vice
3. Beerfest, for the scene detailing their first night of beer training


1. Lucas Haas, Brick
2. Aaron Eckhart, Thank You For Smoking
3. Willie Nelson, Beerfest