' ' Cinema Romantico: Now This is Something I Can Get Behind

Friday, September 29, 2006

Now This is Something I Can Get Behind

I intended for the previous post to be the final one for the next week or so but that changed as soon as I read my daily edition of the Chicago Tribune over lunch.

In the town of Hoopeston, Illinois, the 84 year old Lorraine Theater is currently closed. It is not closed because business is bad or because owner Greg Boardman wants to move to Napa and start own his own winery. It is - as the theater's answering machine states - "because of such poor film choices."

Yes, that's right. Rather than show "Jackass 2" or "Beerfest" or "The Guardian" they chose to shut their doors until something cinematically worthwhile was given to the town.

God bless you, Mr. Boardman. I support your decision 100 % and wish more theater owners would take a stand as well. Perhaps then things such as "A Film By Michael Bay" would no longer exist.

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