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Monday, October 09, 2006

Chicago International Film de Cinema

Last year Cinema Romantico was a first time attendee of the wonderfulness which is the Chicago International Film Festival. Unfortunately, being my first time I was a bit overwhelmed, unsure of how to go about attacking this beast of cinema. There were so many movies showing at so many different times at varying theaters that I was left on the outside looking in far too many times (i.e. waiting in line for an hour in the hopes of scoring a left-over ticket to Natalie Portman’s “Free Zone” only to denied at the last second). The few times I did manage to see the movie I wanted at the time I wanted left me in a mood best described as joyous. That’s why this year Cinema Romantico has formed a gameplan, a strategy, a tactique. This year Cinema Romantico is taking it up a notch. This year Cinema Romantico is going to live and breathe this gala of moving pictures stationed in the Windy City.

Thus, if you can’t make your way to Chicago for the greatest festival of film this side of the Rocky Mountains, fear not. Cinema Romantico will be your eyes and ears for the next 2 weeks. Stay glued to the 2,449th best blog on the web, I assure you, and you will feel like you’re right beside me in the theater every step of the way.

But that still doesn’t mean you can talk to me during the movie.

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