' ' Cinema Romantico: One Man's Unending Quest Comes To An End!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

One Man's Unending Quest Comes To An End!

As I wrote a couple months back I am currently one film short of being able to hold claim of seeing every film Kate Winslet, our greatest working actress, has made. The one film holding me back was a musical called "Romance and Cigarettes" and I had not been able to view it because, well, in the words of the esteemed Roger Ebert - "how did one of the most magical movies of the 2005 festival season become one of the hardest movies to see of 2007?"

And how do I know what Roger Ebert had to say about this movie? He has posted a review on his web site, that's why, and in his review he also indicates "Romance and Cigarettes" will be coming to Chicago at the Music Box Theater (where I saw both "Casablanca" and "Raiders of the Lost Ark" on the big screen for the first time) on December 7th!!!

Cinema gods? You lose.


Rory Larry said...

are you really sure you want to mock the cinema gods like that? I can only see it ending badly.

Nick: Doctor, how can it be that my appendix can burst twice?

Doctor: We were as surprised as you were.

Anonymous said...

Hilary Swank's Agent: Nick, we'd love to produce this script of yours.

Nick: Great!

Hilary Swank's Agent: But we will need a karaoke scene.

Anonymous said...

Nick, I'm still trying to understand the problem. A Hillary Swank karaoke scene could be hilarious. She could sing "I'm Every Woman," and punctuate it with occassionally pointing out that she is, in fact, actually a woman. Comedy gold!