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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Recently Seen Trailers

Keeping tabs on some of what the cinematic holiday season will be offering....

There Will Be Blood - As previously written, this is the new Paul Thomas Anderson movie starring Daniel Day Lewis. The preview I saw for it last weekend made it look like, well, pretty much the greatest movie in the history of the cosmos.

Rambo IV (or is it XVII?) - This drew laughter at the screening I attended. And not the good sort of laughter. The very, very bad kind. One woman yelled, "Just die already!" Sounds like another good career move, Sly.

Sweeney Todd - Does Johnny Depp sound exactly like Captain Jack Sparrow, or am I just insane?

National Treasure: Book of Secrets - In the trailer I was seeing for this a couple months ago Harvey Keitel delivered the line about the President's "Book of Secrets". But now a different character gives the same line in the trailer and Mr. Keitel is hardly glimpsed at all. Did he anger someone during post-editing? Is he going to show up at the premiere and not be let in?

Charlie Wilson's War - This is the one with Tom Hanks as a southern congressman assisting Afghanistan in their war with the Soviet Union. I gotta' say, it looks pretty good.

P.S. I Love You - Why, Hilary (Swank)? You're better than this. I'm putting the finishing touches on the first draft of a script in which I want you to star. I'll send it to your agent. And I promise there won't be any karaoke scenes.

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