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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My Great Movies, Or Movies I Think Are Great

As I went through a recent re-organization of my precious, mighty DVD collection I realized that I had not seen some of my most cherished movies belonging to said collection in quite some time. I decided this situation needed to be rectified. Therefore over the course of 2008 I will set aside a single post each month to focus on a Great Movie. These won't necessarily be the movies generally considered to be among the greatest (no "Citizen Kane" or "Gone With the Wind", for instance) but movies that I personally find great. Movies that I would give 5 stars without hesitation. Movies that I would go so far as to call masterpieces, or at least minor masterpieces. Movies that I hold near and dear to my heart. Movies that mean something significant to me.

Yes, I hope to turn you, my faction of loyal readers, onto any of these films which you may have not seen, but the most vital part of this exercise is entirely selfish. It will offer me an excuse to re-watch them, which makes me happy beyond compare, and then pontificate on them.

We will begin tomorrow by honoring the 3rd anniversary of the most transcendent movie-going experience of my life (it's the Review I Never Wrote And Always Wanted To Write) and the post for February will actually occur a mere six days later in honor of Super Tuesday (you will understand why then).

So let's have some fun this year, what do ya' say?! At least I know I will.


Agent 2112 said...

would Boogie Nights make this list?

Anonymous said...

"Boogie Nights" is definitely a great movie. I don't know yet if it will make this specific list. Part of it is just going to be what DVD I feel like watching that I might not have watched recently. Or it might pertain to some theme of the month - as you'll see next Tuesday.

But I will say that despite how much I love "Atonement's" tracking shot, my favorite tracking shot is still the one at the start of "Boogie Nights".