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Friday, October 31, 2008

Tri-Monthly Amy Ryan Update

Well, put on your hyperbole flak jackets because it's go time. I was one of thousands, probably millions, of people who simply it assumed it would never be possible for an actor or actress to realistically pull off a breakdown of tears while simultaneously listening to Tom Cochrane's "Life is a Highway".

Except Amy Ryan did it last night on "The Office".

Let's see, how do I put this....I love Amy Ryan's acting. I want to get a suite at the Marriot with her acting. I want to take her acting to the top of the grain elevator and make out with it. I want to get dressed up in a Zoot Suit and do the jitterbug with it. I want to serenade her acting with a harpsichord. I want to sit in a jacuzzi and drink wine with her acting. I love it so much I want to take it out for some gelato. I love her acting so much that if I ever started a college football bowl game I would title it the Dunder Mifflin Amy Ryan Bowl. I love her acting so much that I want to invent a potpourri that re-creates the smell of her character's house in "Gone Baby Gone" (half-eaten microwavable burritos, Miller High Life, Miller High Life imbedded in the carpet, and nicotine).

(Note: Isn't it fun to be caught up in one of my first flushes of infatuation/OCD with a new actress? Prior to the miracle of blogging you would have no idea how insane I was going! You should be lucky I'm not making posts every week!)

It's a shame that it appears "The Office" has begun to phase her out by transferring her character from the lovable Scranton, PA office all the way up to distant Nashua, NH. The show really has been sort of uneven but I never notice until I think about it because I'm so invested in Holly (Ryan) and Michael (Steve Carrell) trying to make a go of it. But it was inevitable, I suppose. The movies need her more than TV, anyway. And I'll always be able to carry that moment from last night with me. I genuinely felt so sad for her.

Plus, it was really fun to see her play air drums to the same song earlier when things between her and Michael were still peachy. She played air drums. Kate Winslet played air guitar in "The Holiday". Hmmmmm....

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