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Monday, November 03, 2008

Post-Halloween Fright

So with Election Day hovering on the horizon I had typed up a post listing all the Things I Hate About Movies since, you know, by this point in the political process I'm so sick and tired of the whole damn thing my body literally aches for it to be over.

However, one of the items on my list was the fact that Hitchock's "Notorious", one of the finest films ever made and containing arguably Ingrid Bergman's greatest performance, had not been re-released on DVD in some time. The most recent re-release had been the Criterion Collection version of it back in 2001, but I hadn't seen the movie at that time and it is has long since been out of print (I know because I've checked about once a month for at least three years).

As I readied myself to publish the post I thought that maybe I should make my monthly check just to see if maybe by some strange miracle "Notorious" had been re-released recently so I didn't, you know, look like a moron when someone read what I wrote and pointed this out to me.

Lo and frickin' behold, it WAS re-released!!! A mere three weeks ago!!! Are you kidding me??? (I swear this all happened just like I'm saying it did.)

Of course, this means that I must refrain from publishing that post about things I hate. What, you think I'm gonna' piss off the movie gods now?

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