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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Getting Symmetrical Again

So a few months back, as the most loyal of my readers may recall, I opined in relation to the double-fisting of my two favorite beers foreshadowing the moment a few days later when my two favorite movies appeared on TV at the same time one channel apart. At the end of that piece I wrote: This, of course, begs the question, what is this foreshadowing?

As time passed I began to feel it was probably foreshadowing nothing and that this wonderous occassion of four of my favorite things coming together in pairs was but a blip on the radar. Oh, but how wrong I was! It turns it was foreshadowing something and something I neither predicted nor expected.

The Entertainment Weekly Fall/Winter Movie Preview issue talked at length about the upcoming "Revolutionary Road", re-uniting Ms. Kate Winslet and Mr. Leonardo DiCaprio for the first time since that movie that made some money awhile ago, but it failed to mention another movie being released this December called "The Reader".

I first came into contact with this movie during a preview for it prior to "Slumdog Millionaire". Why is it significant? I'll tell you why, because it stars....wait for it....wait for it.....Kate Winslet!!!

A December double dose of my favorite actress?! Hark the herald angels sing, indeed! In fact, people are already trumpeting a Kate vs. Kate Oscar showdown! Tell me, what is more worthy of a back-to-back Boo Yah (Boo Yah!) than that?!

Movie gods, you've done it again!

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