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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fall/Winter Movie Preview

Since when did the best time of year for movies become so disappointing? Sure, there are still a few films I'm excited to see but there aren't that many and there aren't any that really that yank me off the rocking chair and pin me to the floor (?). Seriously, let's look at some of this crap. "2012", the latest foray into disaster from Roland Emmerich. Did he get confused? Did he think we were following Australia's seasons? Shouldn't this movie have come out in June? You've got "Invictus", the story of Nelson Mandela, except it was directed by Clint Eastwood and lately the esteemed Mr. Eastwood's historical films have been about as exciting as a kegger in Sun City, AZ. (By the way, what does Spike Lee think of his pal Clint helming this project? Wouldn't you expect Spike Lee to be making proclamations from behind his pulpit on this one?)

You've got your obligatory "Saw" film and your obligatory Hugh Grant romantic comedy and your obligatory Sandra Bullock romantic comedy and your obligatory Michael Moore "documentary" and your obligatory Tyler Perry movie and your obligatory new Coen Brothers movie and your obligatory soldier returns home from Iraq movie and your obligatory Drew Barrymore directorial debut (Reader: "Wait. What?" Me: "Just forget it. Keep going.") and your obligatory Michael Cera movie where his character's name is Nick. Oh, there's also a rom-com featuring (get this!) Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin that should - repeat should - get you all riled up until you realize it was written and directed by Nancy "Something's Gotta Give" Meyers. (How does this woman keep getting these casts? It's not right. Kate Winslet bailed her a-- out in "The Holiday" and Ms. Meyers better hope this trio does it again.)

In any event, all moaning aside, there are still movies I desire to see. The dozen I yearn to see most are as follows:

12. Whiteout. Seemingly reminiscent of a 1943 noir movie classic in which the jaded hero....oh, forget it. I want to see it because I've got a thing for Kate Beckinsale. We all know it. Sue me.

11. Everybody's Fine. Robert DeNiro plays a father trying to re-connect with his children. I feel like if this was the nineties I'd want to see it a whole big bunch more but, nonetheless, I still want to see it. (Reader: "Hold on, you only want to see it because it's got Kate Beckinsale too!" Me: "No, I really do want to see it, Beckinsale-d or not! I swear!")

10. The Fantastic Mr. Fox. The new Wes Anderson feature with an astounding cast that includes George Clooney, Bill Murray (did I mention it was a Wes Anderson film), Meryl Streep, and Cate Blanchett. (Reader: "Uh, did you know this was an animated feature?" Me: "Wes Anderson? Animated? I don't believe you." Reader: "Sorry, but it's true." Me: "Great. Now I'm going to fall asleep in the theater and have to get woken up by an usher.")

9. Where The Wild Things Are. The new Spike Jonze feature. (Reader: "Wait a second, you just want to see this one because Arcade Fire is played in the trailer!" Me: "I'm not talking to you anymore.")

8. Amelia. Hilary Swank as famed aviator Amelia Earhart. I feel like this one's got bad mojo but I already know I'll be making a point to confirm if that bad mojo turns out to be true or false.

7. Nine. It has Daniel Day Lewis. And that's all any of us need to know.

6. The Boat That Rocked. Richard Curtis, the mastermind of the awesome ensemble film "Love Actually", returns with another ensemble, set in the sixties, revolving around renegade deejays and pop music of the sixties. I'm in.

5. Shutter Island. Scorcese re-teams with his muse Leo for what appears to be a creepy, intense adaptation of a Dennis Lehane ("Gone Baby Gone") book.

4. Sherlock Holmes. Guy Ritchie tackles Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's invention. Yes, I said Guy Ritchie. No, I'm not joking. Yes, the Guy Ritchie that directed "Swept Away". Yes, I watched "Swept Away", what's the big deal? No, I didn't like the charades scene either. Yes, despite the charades scene he really is directing "Sherlock Holmes". Stop laughing, I already said I wasn't joking. Why are you so hesitant when I'm so excited? I'll tell you why I'm excited. Dig that cast! Robert Downey Jr. in the title role (and he looks fantastic in the previews) with the superb Rachel McAdams in support. Those two alone get me to the theater opening weekend.

3. The Informant! Saw a preview for this one before "Public Enemies" and I enjoyed that preview more than the whole of the Dillinger pic. Steven Soderbergh teams up with Matt Damon (who is just made for comedy and I wish to God that talent would get utilized even more than it already does) and, man oh man, it looks absolutely hilarious.

2. Brothers. Here we go! This is what I'm talkin' about! An opera! I know, I know, the concept seems a little "Pearl Harbor"-ish but Jim "The Boxer" Sheridan ain't Michael Bay. Plus....forget it. I'm not one to judge a book by its cover but would you just look at the frickin' poster.
1. Avatar. Is there any other choice for the top slot? James Cameron, the man behind "Titanic", finally makes his comeback. Will it be like Jordan in the wake of his whole baseball exile saying after a mere five games back, "Yeah, I haven't played basketball for two years, I might as well go ahead and hang 55 cool ones" or will it be like "Chinese Democracy"? I can't wait to find out.


Wretched Genius said...

Have you even seen the trailer for Whiteout? It looks even worse than the second Underworld movie, and should never have the word "noir" associated with it.

Also, Shutter Island isn't coming out in the fall anymore. It's been postponed for further editing and possible reshoots, following some less-than-stellar test screenings.

What about the Werner Herzog film that's coming out?

Lastly, I see no mention of Zombieland in your post. Please correct this.

Nick Prigge said...

I know "Whiteout" looks horrible. I know I'll hate it. I know I'll make all these points in the review I write of it because I'm still going to see it.

I didn't even know a new Werner Herzog film existed, though I am aware of "Zombieland" and, sorry in advance, but zombies just aren't my thing.

Disappointing about "Shutter Island". I'd officially add George Clooney's "Up in the Air" to my Top 12 (I actually want to see it more than most of the movies on my list) but I'm afraid I'll jinx it. So no can do.