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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Holy Double Scotch On The Rocks, Batman!

Cinema Romantico's official Cinematic Crush, Sienna Miller, has apparently gone on record as expressing a serious interest in wanting the role of one Catwoman. Perhaps in the eventual sequel Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight".

It goes without saying - not that this would ever prevent Cinema Romantico from still saying it - that we unconditionally support this idea. In fact, we don't merely support it. We encourage it. We might even demand it if push comes to shove.

The linked article name checks other candidates as Charlize Theron and, yes, Kate Beckinsale. Sienna or Kate? How could you possibly go wrong?

Which means, of course, Charlize will get it. Screw you in advance, universe.

1 comment:

Abhayan Varghese said...

Sienna Miller for catwoman? Cmon that is the best recipe for disaster.

I honestly hope that Nolan doesn't do anything silly as that.