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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lord Help Me, I Want To See MacGruber

For anyone who might not know, the film "MacGruber" is based on a recurring Saturday Night Live sketch in which Will Forte sends up the old school TV character "MacGyver" who could fashion a bomb out of absolutely anything (like, say, a pipe wrench, a hand towel and a sausage egg mcmuffin) wherein MacGruber always fails to deactivate a ticking time bomb meaning he and his cohorts are then blown to bits. These sketches typically last 19 seconds. How in the world this can possibly be transitioned to the big screen is anyone's guess and I intended not to even see if it could be done.

Until I saw the trailer. And then I was in.

Now make no mistake, my desire to see this movie has nothing to do with Will Forte himself or with his SNL co-star Kristen Wiig. God, no. I want to see "MacGruber" for one man and one man alone - the man who plays Deiter Von Cunth, the film's obligatory villain....

Val Kilmer.

Val Kilmer is the villain of "MacGruber." That is inspired casting. That is genius. The questions, of course, are numerous. Did Val Kilmer know he was in a comedy? Did anyone bother to tell him it was a comedy if he didn't know? Did Will Forte actively instruct people to tell Val Kilmer it wasn't a comedy? In the previews he looks so serious. Which only makes me want to see it MORE.

And, of course, based on past information are we meant to assume that Val Kilmer is now under the impression that he is better equipped to engage in terrorism than actual terrorists? Damn it, this is fascinating! It's the casting choice of the year! I can't stop thinking about it! I'm so excited! Rest assured, May 21st I'll be at the theater. And I'll be rooting for the bad guy.

(And I'll probably walk away very disappointed.)


Wretched Genius said...

You're not alone. I've wanted to see it ever since I watched the red-band trailer.

david said...
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david said...

1. I will see the movie, but I give 2-1 odds the trailer is better than the movie

2. I will give 3-1 odds Val Kilmer does his obligatory coin roll