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Friday, August 27, 2010

2010 Fall/Winter Movie Spectacular

Cinema Romantico's interview with the Hollywood e-zine "Film de Cinema" regarding the summer movie season was such a hit that they decided to sit down with me once more to preview the fall and winter movie offerings for this year! This is the full transcript:

Film de Cinema: How many truly great movies have you seen thus far in 2010?
Cinema Romantico: Two. "Winter's Bone" and "Salt." That's the list.
FdC: Do you think "Winter's Bone" can score a Best Picture nod? Wait....why are you laughing?
CR: Doesn't matter. Next question.
FdC: What else have you enjoyed at the movies this year?
CR: James Franco and Mila Kunis as a couple on the run in the otherwise average "Date Night" were amazing. They deserve their own movie. In fact, why can't they just take a couple million from "The Green Lantern" budget and make it? Wait....why are you laughing?
FdC: Doesn't matter. Next question. What movie are you most excited for this fall?
CR: "London Boulevard." Oh, man, I know where I'll be October 15th.
FdC: Uh....October 15th is the release date in the UK. I'm afraid there is no release date yet for "London Boulevard" in the US.
CR: You have GOT to be kidding me.
FdC: "Jackass 3D" comes out in America on October 15th.
CR: They get Sienna Miller and "London Boulevard" and we get Jessica Simpson and "Jackass 3D". GET YOUR HEADS IN THE GAME, AMERICA!!!
FdC: How excited are you for "Red Dawn"?
CR: Oh my God! I'm a kid of the 80's! I can't wait! C. Thomas Howell drinking deer blood on the big screen! Harry Dean Stanton screaming "avenge me!" Jennifer Grey before the nose job! I'm practically bursting with-
FdC: Wait, wait, wait, you understand this isn't a re-release. It's a remake.

FdC: Okay. Calm down. How about "Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps."
CR: Let me guess, a remake starring, oh, how about...Shia LaBeouf as Gordon Gekko?
FdC: Close. It's a sequel with Shia LaBeouf as the young protege to Michael Douglas's Gordon Gekko.
CR: My head hurts.
FdC: Of course I have to assume you think that new Hilary Swank tear jerker "Conviction" looks terrible?
CR: Uh, actually...
FdC: Seriously?
CR: It's been six years since "Million Dollar Baby". She's due.
FdC: Then I hope you think Eastwood's latest, "Hereafter", appears intriguing?
CR: Maybe. It all depends on the material with him.
FdC: No doubt "The Fighter" will be right up your alley, considering your eternal devotion to "Million Dollar Baby."
CR: Eh....I'll see it but I gotta be honest....I'm not a big David O. Russell fan.
FdC: Wow. I've got to find something we can agree on. Let's see....(checking notes)....how about "Somewhere", the latest from Sofia Coppola?

CR: I'll be there opening night.
FdC: The Coen Brothers' "True Grit?"
CR: Ditto.
FdC: You, of course, wrote a 6300 word hyperbolic op-ed essay for our publication entitled: Rachel McAdams, The Next Great Actress. You also punched one of our staff members in the face for disagreeing with your viewpoint. Do you think her "Morning Glory" will take her to the next level?
CR: I've got my fingers crossed.
FdC: How about that facebook movie from David Fincher?
CR: I'm intrigued. But who knows? What I do know is I love this song.
FdC: That is a great song!
CR: But not as great as this!
FdC: How the hell did you manage to work in Lady Gaga?
CR: I can work her into any conversation. It's quite possibly my greatest talent.
FdC: Now that there have been movies about Secretariat and Seabiscuit what horse will be next for the silver screen treatment?
CR: That's easy. Dance Floor: The MC Hammer Story.
FdC: Speaking of dancing, what are your thoughts on the next Darren Aronofsky film, "Black Swan", focusing on a ballet dancer and her rival?
CR: (Mouth watering.)
FdC: In closing, how excited are you for "Tron: Legacy"?
CR: I don't even know what "Tron" is.
FdC: You don't know what "Tron" is? I thought you said you were a kid of the 80's?
CR: Is it like "War Games"?
FdC: (head in hands) Oh my God.
CR: Look, I'm sorry, there's a certain section of pop culture I just don't get and don't know anything about. It's like when I could have got Tony Hawk's autograph in California except that I had no idea who Tony Hawk was.
FdC: You don't know who Tony Hawk is?
CR: Well, I do now. I still don't want his autograph.
FdC: I think you should see "Tron".
CR: Not gonna happen. It's like me trying to persuade people that "Titanic" was wholly awesome.
FdC: You know the guy who played Lovejoy was in "Tron"?
CR: He was? Hmmmmm. Good, but not good enough. Maybe if "Tron" had Kate Winslet.


Castor said...

Ahah love it when you do these interviews!

I have yet to see Winter's Bone but I can't wait. Wow actually, it's been released near me, I will check it out this weekend!

Looking forward to The Fighter. Not sure about Mark Wahlberg but Christian Bale and Amy Adams will get me to see it.

I don't think Morning Glory is going to be "that" movie for Rachel but it should be a nice step toward our goals of global domination muahahah. The studio moved it from an August release to a week before Thanksgiving so it should do well at the box office. And I'm sure I will be quoting you once we get to Rachel on our top 25 actresses :)

Black Swan looks a bit intriguing but definitely kind of women oriented there with the ballet dancing so I'm not as excited about it. Although there is potential for some great acting, Natalie Portman is a bit up and down so you are never sure what you are going to get from her.

Nick Prigge said...

"Morning Glory" does appear to be Harrison Ford's movie. Which is fine. I personally wish he would do more comedic roles. He has that dry irritability I find so amusing.

As for "Black Swan" I just have a feeling with Aronofsky at the controls that it's going to be a wild ride.

Castor said...

Actually, I read the script and I assure you that Rachel is on nearly every frame of that movie (unless they completely rewrote my version of the draft which doesn't look like it happened)

Harrison Ford has about 30%, Diane Keaton 20%. Ford probably does have the more "showy" role because of comic irritability you are mentioning.

Simon said...

Those are good songs.

Black Swan does to me what Inception did a couple months ago. Someone get me a new trailer. With more Winona Ryder this time.

Nick Prigge said...

-Nearly every frame? Well, now I just want to see "Morning Glory" even more.

-I just I hope don't jinx "Black Swan" like I did "The Adjustment Bureau." I'm a real good jinxer.