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Friday, November 19, 2010

The Legend Of Kevin Corrigan Grows

Last night my friend Daryl and I were watching NBC's revelatory show "Community", a show which Daryl has endlessly tried to convince me is the best show on TV, though I remain a devout "Parks and Rec" man because I believe no show can be considered the bonafide best sans Ron Swanson (though, it should be noted, there are approximately 12,000 TV shows everyone tells me are really good that I've still never seen and likely won't), and it was awesome, just awesome. The show's primary protagonist, Jeff Winger (Joel McHale), attending Greendale Community College, had invented a class titled Conspiracy Theories In U.S. History, taught by a....cough, cough....Professor Professorson to earn a credit. Naturally, Dean Pelton (Jim Rash), who last week had one of the funniest lines (movies or TV) of the year when he declared "Drive by deaning!" (you have to hear it), is hip to the jive and calls out Jeff and so Jeff sets out to prove the Dean, and one of this study group pals Annie (Alison Brie), wrong and takes them to the classroom except it's been turned into a closet and he starts blathering about how this must be a "test" administered by Professor Professorson and the whole jig appears to be up except who should appear but....

Now, back in July on this very blog I put up a post titled "The Legend Of Kevin Corrigan" and wrote: "My friend and fellow movie fan Brad once sent out an email to myself and a few of our other friends asking us to name the actors who always make us happy when they turn up in a movie. And no one makes me more happy to see than the character actor Kevin Corrigan." This is partly because every time he turns up you think, "Of course! Who else but Kevin Corrigan could have played that part?!"

Which is why when Kevin Corrigan magically appeared as one Professor Professorson I completely freaked out (honestly - ask Daryl) and thought, "Of course! Who else but Kevin Corrigan could have played that part?!" I mean, my God, the guy was born to play Professor Professorson!

And so the legend grows.

No, Annie! You can't shoot Kevin Corrigan! If Cinema Romantico ran Hollywood he'd be Brad Pitt!


Castor said...

Funny, I saw him last night in Unstoppable :)

Nick Prigge said...

He's in "Unstoppable"?! Now I might have to see it.

My Other Brother Daryl said...

Denzel Washington: There's a damned train on the loose! Captain Kirk and I have to stop it!

Kevin Corrigan: Oh. Cool.