' ' Cinema Romantico: A Scene For Oscar Sunday

Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Scene For Oscar Sunday

Stanley Motts: "You want me to produce your war?"
Conrad Brean: "Not a war. It's a pageant...we need a theme, a song, some visuals...it's a pageant. It's like the Oscars. That's why we came to you."
Motss: "I never won an Oscar."
Brean: "And it's a damn shame you didn't. But you produced the Oscars."
Motts: "Yes. Indeed I did. You know, you're a writer, that's your script. You're a director...but if you're the producer, what did you do? Nobody knows what you do. You're a producer, all you've got is the credit. You see? Some plaques on the wall. They don't know what we do. But don't get me started."

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