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Friday, April 01, 2011

Apocalypse Looming?

Anodyne Entertainment, in association with Trinity Pictures, has announced plans for a remake of the landmark 1940's screwball comedy "His Girl Friday", to be written and directed by Paul Haggis with Jim Parsons and Carrie Underwood taking on the roles made by famous by Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell as bickering divorcees and editors at the fictional Morning Post. The film is tentatively set for a release in late 2012.

"I'm thrilled beyond belief for this opportunity," Parsons said through his publicist. "I am aware of the original's cultural status and feel my experience with rapid fire dialogue on 'The Big Bang Theory' will lend crucial aid in doing it justice."

"To be afforded the opportunity to follow up my film debut in 'Soul Surfer' with a remake of such a classic American film is beyond my wildest dreams," Underwood was quoted as saying. "I had no idea who Rosalind Russell was until my agent told me but she sounded so talented and I can only hope to walk in the same shoes with such skill."

No official word yet on who will take Ralph Bellamy's role of Russell's insurance selling fiancé though sources indicated Tom Welling has been approached.

Haggis advised it was a "certainty" the film would address blogging, Twitter and other social mediums in conjunction with The Morning Post. "We've bounced around the idea," explained Haggis, "of the Bellamy character being a bland blogger rather than a bland insurance salesman. But that's not set in stone." When asked if Underwood's presence in the film might elicit a musical number, Haggis remained vague. "Everything's on the table at this point. Look, I've always thought of myself as a grittier Howard Hawks but this is a chance to show a lighter side. You might recall I did a show in the nineties called 'Due South.' So I've got it in me."

Reached at his home in Connecticut, Film Historian Andrew Ventnor, who has authored some of the most important and profound work on "His Girl Friday", asked, "Does this mean I have to set myself on fire? Or is this an April Fool's Joke?"


Wretched Genius said...

I actually think Parsons belongs in an old-fashioned screwball comedy. But everything else in this entry makes me sad.

Simon said...

*channeling South Park*

Oh my god.