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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Please Let Sienna Get Freaky

There are only two shows on TV I religiously watch, NBC's "Parks and Recreation" and FX's "Justified." "Parks and Rec" I've covered now and again but as for "Justified", which is based on a short story by noted crime author Elmore Leonard, there is something about Timothy Olyphant as U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens, re-assigned to his hometown of Harlan, Kentucky, that draws me in. His charisma is so unforced, the way he tilts his forehead down while simultaneously tilting his eyes up, all with that smile that seems to say: "I'll have some peach cobbler, sure, but you make one wrong move and I'll stab you in the forehead with my dessert fork." He's the most good-hearted unrelenting badass on the airwaves.

I mention this because all last season while watching "Justified" I kept thinking to myself, over and over, "What if my official Cinematic Crush Sienna Miller starred in a film adaptation of an Elmore Leonard novel? How cool would that be?"

Okay, you got me. I never thought that a single time. Nevertheless, if the glorious rumors are to be believed, our darling Sienna might just be starring in a movie adaptation of an Elmore Leonard novel, "Freaky Deaky", in which she would apparently portray an ex 60's bomb making radical turned...wait for it...romance novelist.

Sienna Miller as an ex 60's bomb making radical turned romance novelist??? I'm there. Sign me up. Mark me down. Ticket bought. Paid for. Show me the way to the theater. Let's do this. She's gonna drink whiskey, right? I mean, I just assume bomb making making radicals drink whiskey.

Sienna Miller: Bomb Maker.

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