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Monday, August 08, 2011

Come To Chicago And See Marilyn's Underwear!

If you didn't know the city of Chicago recently added a brand new landmark to its so-called Magnificent Mile in the form of a statue of Marilyn Monroe - specifically the famed likeness of her from Billy Wilder's "The Seven Year Itch." This doubles as arguably the most famous image in cinematic history from a film for which no one can tell you the synopsis. I think Marilyn is an out-of-work chorus girl and she ends up having to transport secret Cold War documents from New York to Moscow when she inadvertantly becomes part of the Bolshoi, but I could be mistaken.

What the late Norma Jeane Baker has to do with Chicago I have no idea when considering she was born and raised a Los Angeleno and "The Seven Year Itch" was a New York film but then, you know, I'm rarely consulted on these types of issues.

What concerns me is that as I passed the statute yesterday I noticed a preponderance of what appeared to be parents and their kids mingling around and directly beneath the statue, which is to say these innocent young children were chilling directly beneath Marilyn Monroe's underwear.

Is just me or is that wrong?

Then again, if I had a baby girl I would totally dress her up like Lady Gaga ("You're taking your newborn girl home from the hospital in a miniature meat dress?"). So perhaps I shouldn't be dispensing wisdom.

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