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Saturday, August 06, 2011

I Heart This Link

Sam, my colleague over at AM, recently on his own site Duke at the Movies briefly turned his attention from the cinema to the concert and wrote about seeing one Paul McCartney down Addison from me at Wrigley Field.

And despite the fact that I've never particuarly been a Beatles fan (my favorite Beatles tune comes from, ahem, Ringo) and am, in fact, a Stones guy through and through, well, Sam makes that all for naught and perfectly gets across how the best concerts always, always are not only about the music but about life too.

That's why I thought I'd offer this most amazing of links on the 1 year anniversary of my seeing Lady Gaga live at Lollapalooza. I know what Sam's saying and I love how he said it.

Nearly two years since this Ra Ra Riot show and I still have this crummy photo of it saved on my phone so I can pull it up any time and remember how awesome that night was.

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