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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Joanne Woodward Days

What did I know about Joanne Woodward prior to July 2011? Eh, not much, admittedly. I knew she was, you know, married to the late Paul Newman. I guess I knew she played the mother of Tom Hanks in "Philadelphia" and that she narrated "The Age Of Innocence" but I didn't necessarily remember. In fact...we're all friends here, right? So I can be honest, right? (Looking over each shoulder.) I didn't even know she'd won an Oscar. So yeah. I'm an idiot. A big one.

Because in July I watched "The Long, Hot Summer" (1958) for the first time with Newman & Woodward and while Newman did as Newman does, it was, in fact, Woodward who most caught eye. She stole the show. A few weeks later I caught her in "The Fugitive Kind" (1960) on TMC and that was it. No, no, no, no, you don't understand. That was it. I was gone. That performance...... I became a Woodward devotee in the space of a heartbeat and started Netflixing her old movies like crazy.

So the next several Fridays here at Cinema Romantico - along with one very special post I plan on putting up over at AM next week - will be dedicated to the work of Ms. Woodward. Please join in the fun! And check out a few of her movies!

And Joanne, please, please accept my apologies for ignoring your work for so long. You, if you'll pardon the salty language, are the fucking shit.


Anonymous said...

I too have never seen any of her movies, I only knew her as being Newman's longtime spouse. I admire their lasting marriage, which is unheard of in Hollywood! Now you make me want to check out her work, I'll start with The Long, Hot Summer. Thanks Nick!

Nick Prigge said...

It'll be worth it. I promise! She really is that good.

And oh my goodness is there so much more Woodward to come in these parts the next few weeks. I'm so excited!