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Monday, September 05, 2011

A Scene For Today

Cliff: "I'll be fifty-two on Monday."
Glenn: "Oh, happy birthday."
Cliff: "Fifty-two years, half of them in radio telescopes, mapping the stars, and then this came along.
Glenn: "Your pipe?"
Cliff: "The moon mission. Do you know what I thought when it first came up? I thought, 'Imagine stuffing that up.' Isn't that odd?"
Glenn: "What?"
Cliff: "That I was more scared than excited."
Glenn: "I don't think that's odd. I feel like that all the time... How come you changed?"
Cliff: "My wife said something. She said, 'Failure is never quite so frightening as regret.'"
Glenn: "Oh, that's good advice. I wish someone would tell me that."

-"The Dish" (2001)


Andy Buckle said...

I enjoy this film.

Nick Prigge said...

I adore this film so, so, so much. It's so funny in such an earnest, sweet, unassuming way. I wish there were more movies like it.