' ' Cinema Romantico: 5 Years Since Mohicanland (Part Deux)

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

5 Years Since Mohicanland (Part Deux)

I have a more in depth piece up on Anomalous Material today in honor of the 5 year anniversary of my pilgrimage to North Carolina to see the filming sites for my all time favorite movie, "Last of the Mohicans", but thought I'd serve up a few more images from that same sojourn today on Cinema Romantico. Enjoy!

Red Wing, MN. My dad's hometown in the distance, as seen from the bench in Bay Point Park where I chilled for God knows how long the first day of the road trip in a melodramatic attempt to re-connect with my past.
Yes, I really stopped in Elizabethtown - for lunch and to aimlessly wander - on my way to North Carolina. Drew Baylor's road trip a year earlier in my current favorite movie ever was at least 30% responsible for FINALLY getting me to take my Mohicanland road trip. I wanted to pay honor. Deal with it.
When I was trying to find the place in Dupont State Forest where Hawkeye, Cora, Alice, Uncas, Chingachcook and Duncan were walking alongside the river - "I ain't your scout" - I somehow ended up here looking down on the river instead. Let's not talk about it, okay? I'm still a little bitter.
This is the waterfall - the highest of Triple Falls - you see all of them walk right by prior to the aforementioned scene. This is taken from the vantage point of where I had lunch and then sat for a good 2 hours. Yes, 2 hours. Better than St. Patrick's Cathedral. 

The forest where Duncan sort of confronts Magua - "Magua said, understand English very well" - and Cora briefly sees the cougar.
The rocky slope over there to the left of High Falls is what you see Hawkeye, Uncas and Chingachcook scaling near the end when they are going after Cora & Alice.
Where - in Chimney Rock Park on the Skyline Trail - Hawkeye uses his double-fisted muskets to take out two bad guys.

Where Uncas hides before busting out and bashing the Huron in the face, triggering his assault on Magua in the tragic attempt to rescue Alice.
My personal Mecca, Alice's jumping point, up close and in your face.


Castor said...

Stunning pics Nick!

Nick Prigge said...

Thank you! Putting all these photos up makes me want to go back. Or just take another road trip.