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Monday, October 03, 2011

Kylie: Back To The Silver Screen

Kylie Minogue, hot on the heels of starring as a heavily tattooed lesbian in "Jack and Diane", a film which features......uh......some other people as characters of some sort up to something somewhere (does it matter?), is now set to star opposite some woman who won an Oscar in a film called "Holly Motors" which was directed by someone from France (or possibly Luxembourg) which is about varying characters doing a multitude of things in different locales. Or something. Why do you care about the specifics, anyway? Did you hear what I said?


If they're handing out free 10 oz bars of gold you don't ask the specifics, do you? No, you just consider yourself lucky and go and get one. So just shut it, be thankful and get down this morning to this.

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