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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Adventures In Bad Movie Trivia

A couple weeks ago a co-worker coaxed me into joining him and a few friends for a trivia night at a bar up the road on account of my supposed movie knowledge and so I decided I'd do my best to help out. (Naturally, I was useless at the sign of the very first movie-related question, specifically because it had to do with "Hostel" which I've never seen.) Plus, there were craft beer specials.

One of the features of the trivia was a long list of questions all of which in one form or another had an answer containing a specific city of the world. And one of the questions was the following.....

He was the director of "The Firm", "Michael Clayton", and "Out of Africa."

Sydney Pollack directed some fine films. "Michael Clayton" was not one of them.
I rolled my eyes. Clearly the jackanapes of a trivia-master wanted Sydney Pollack to be written down and so we did except, of course, the late, great Mr. Pollack, despite starring in "Michael Clayton", only directed two of those films. And I suspect if Tony Gilory, writer and director of "Michael Clayton", and supposedly a little bit of an asshole, had been present, he would have broken a bottle on the table and threatened the trivia-master with the remaning shard.

I mean, seriously. How could you trust any of the trivia-master's answers after this shameful display? The world's largest ocean? The Arctic! The capital of Washington? Seattle! 14 + 14 =? 4,334!


Derek Armstrong said...

Oh, I thought you were going to say it was a trick question. Yeah, that's pretty bad.

I love trivia, though rarely play it. I've actually thought how great it would be to have some kind of trivia league among my friends where it was all based on movie knowledge. I figure it's the only way I'll impress anyone with my knowledge of the fact that both of Debra Granik's feature films have the word Bone in the title.

Sam Fragoso said...

I think there would be a great deal of people who would disagree over your thoughts of "Michael Clayton"

Nick Prigge said...

Sam! Wait, wait, wait! Do you mean the caption I put under the picture? Because I realize in re-reading the caption that it comes off sounding like I didn't like "Michael Clayton" which is totally not what I meant.

I love "Michael Clayton". It's in my Top 10 for 2007 which is a loaded Top 10. I just meant that Sydney Pollack didn't direct THAT particular fine film!

(I need an editor.)

Derek Armstrong said...

Nick, I think your meaning was clear. Sorry Sam.

Nick Prigge said...

I just don't want anyone to mis-understand my thoughts on "Michael Clayton." Especially Tony Gilroy. I think he's exceptionally talented...

...but I'm also a little bit scared of him. Not that I've ever met him, of course, but every interview I've read with him makes it sound like he's not happy with his place in life despite being one of Hollywood's best screenwriters.