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Friday, November 25, 2011

The Love, Actually Questionnaire

Last night was anywhere from the sixth to ninth traditional post-Thanksgiving feast showing of "Love, Actually" with some of my dearest Chicago friends. This number was never really determined, and perhaps never will be, but it speaks to the theme of the night, which was a lot of questions as the movie unfolded. It was so much fun. Here were a few of the most prominent queries that now, dear reader, I also pose to you. Please, feel free to answer away in the comments!!!

1.) What's your favorite storyline in "Love, Actually"?

Our six-person watch group last evening voted like this: 2 Votes for Billy Mack. 1 Vote for The Prime Minister. 1 Vote for Aurelia & Colin Firth. 1 Vote for The Stand-Ins. 1 Undecided.

2.) What's your least favorite storyline in "Love, Actually"?

Our six person group voted like this: 4 Votes for Laura Linney & Her Brother. 1 Vote for Alan Rickman & The Slutty Secretary. 1 Vote for Keira Knightley & Her Hat (Note: that was my friend Dave and he's an idiot).

3.) With which of the five "Wisconsin babes!" that Colin meets would you most want to get frisky?

The four guys of our six person group voted like this: 2 Votes for Jack Bauer's Daughter (i.e. Elisha Cuthbert). 1 Vote for Emma Frost (i.e. January Jones). 1 Vote for Harriet (i.e. Shannon Elizabeth).

4.) Does anyone know why Colin's pal who works on the sets of adult films is just hanging around behind the scenes at the wedding?

We don't either.

5.) If Joanna delayed your Christmas Eve flight to run all the way back through the airport to give a goodbye kiss to Sam would you whine under your breath or buy her an appreciative apple juice?

I'm sorry, but the only answer Cinema Romantico will accept is buy her an appreciative apple juice. Otherwise we'll have to politely ask you to leave.

See the girl all the way to the left? In the words of my friend John, "Is that Sue Ellen Mischke?"
6.) Have you noticed Billy Mack's lilting backup singer all the way to the left edge of the frame right at the start is going sans bra?

We had never noticed it either, until my friend Cindy (and she demanded credit) noticed it. At which point we rewound and rewatched and rewound and rewatched and inched closer and closer to the TV and confirmed that, yes, she's going sans bra. In fact, in the still I posted yesterday you can see her over there just going with the flow, yet it never registered. This is the sort of thing that happens when you spend a good deal of Turkey Day drinking bourbon.

Which is to say, I hope your Turkey Day was as enjoyable as mine.


Wretched Genius said...

1. The Stand-ins. (though as a standalone bit of comedy, my favorite part of the whole film is the Rowan Atkinson cameo)
2. The completely hollow Keira Knightly/Andrew Lincoln storyline.
3. Cuthbert.
4. Nope.
5. I would have already been asleep on the plane.
6. I do now.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you had a fun Thanksgiving, Nick! I managed to watch Inception and You've Got Mail on Thanksgiving at my sister in-law in Seattle, love them both.

Not sure which segment is my least favorite, but I like the Colin Firth one and the one with Alan Rickman as I just love that guy!

Nick Prigge said...

Brad: Why does everyone dislike Keria & Her Hat? Haven't you ever been in love with someone who loved someone else? And I totally forgot about Rowan Atkinson. We decided he was The Ghost Of Christmas Love. Appearing magically when needed.

Ruth: That sounds like a lovely cinematic-related Thanksgiving. I admit to having a small soft spot for You've Got Mail, if only because of the way it showcases and is in love with the city of New York.

Wretched Genius said...

I have no issues with the story. I have issue with the fact that no depth is given to the characters AT ALL. Even the stand-ins were better developed, and they had probably 50% less screentime.

Nick Prigge said...

No depth?! You don't need puny "depth" when Keira is wearing such a fetching hat!!! That's why we here at Cinema Romantico refer to the storyline as Keira & Her Hat. You see the hat and you know everything.