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Monday, November 21, 2011

Scarlett Johansson's Pose

So remember in "Iron Man 2" when ScarJo (since that's what all the kids are apparently calling the striking Scarlett Johansson these days) is doing battle with, what, 73 bad guys in that hallway and in the midst of the whole deal she strikes that pose where she's got her right knee and right hand on the floor with the left side of her body set to spring and then she looks up? I loved that pose. And I noticed upon seeing the trailer for "The Avengers" in which ScarJo reprises her role from "Iron Man 2" she strikes that exact same pose!

I want to make a short film - let's say, 12 minutes - of ScarJo doing nothing but striking that pose.

She pours a cup of coffee, picks up an Equal packet, accidentally drops it on the floor and rather than simply bending down and picking it up, she leaps to the linoleum, snags the packet with her right hand and strikes the pose.

She spills a drink on the carpet, tracks down some 409 and a paper towel, leaps to the floor, cleans up the spill, and strikes the pose.

She is on a camping trip and leaps to the ground, thrusts a tent stake into the dirt and strikes the pose.

She fills her dog Fido's dish with his morning meal, places it next to his water bowl and strikes the pose.

She is on a tranquil French Riviera beach (this way we could get her in a fetching bikini), discovers a most lovely seashell, swoops down to claim it, and strikes the pose.

She's panning for gold in an 1849 creek, reaches down into the water with her pan and strikes the pose.

She's playing shortstop for a minor league baseball team and rather than simply fielding a routine ground ball and firing it to first, she leaps to the infield dirt, stops the ball with the glove and......you get the idea.


ilovethatfilm said...

I'd watch that film. See if you can get her on board.

Andrew K. said...

Oh, Nick. It's all that I can think of.


But what, what shall be the title?

Nick Prigge said...

Hmmmmmmmm. I was thinking "Strike The Pose" but is that too simple? We'll make it the working title for now. I'll fax the treatment to her agent ASAP.

Castor said...

This sounds like an intriguing movie Nick. But what about extending this concept not only to Scarjo but also a bunch of beautiful women? ;)

Nick Prigge said...

Oh.My.God. Castor, I love this idea! It could be like "Paris je t'aime"! But instead we'd get a bunch of different directors to craft short films based around their cinematic crushes most infamous tic and/or piece of screen time.

Daryl said...

Today in entertainment news, first-time director Nicolas J. Prigge has created quite a bidding war with his seventeen-hour black and white epic "Struck," starring nearly every female star in Hollywood (and, oddly, Billy Crudup). Word from Cannes is that Harvey Weinstein has threatened to "literally f*cking murder anyone who snakes this f*cking movie from me," although sources aren't certain he's even 100% sure which movie anyone (including himself) is talking about.

Castor said...

Ahaha pure genius yes, an anthology of Black Widow strike pose in all kind of different situation all over the world. We need to pitch this project to a studio right away!