' ' Cinema Romantico: Why I Love The Windy City

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Why I Love The Windy City

Today. On the big screen for the 3rd time since I moved to Chicago. Oh yeah.


Sam Fragoso said...

I'm in the city as well. Caught "The Descendants" tonight at the ICON.

Nick Prigge said...

I'll be interested to hear what you thought of "The Descendants." I liked it quite a bit. And welcome back to Chicago! It's not even as cold here as it could be!

Derek Armstrong said...

Saw Raiders on the big screen in August. Always worth it.

The Descendants is not as good as you say. ;-)

Nick Prigge said...

What, you didn't like The Descendants?! You and Mark Harris.

That's okay, though. In some ways it makes me feel better. If EVERYONE loved it, it would start to seem suspicious. I have no idea why it would start to seem suspicious, but I suspect that it would.

Derek Armstrong said...

I liked it but I wasn't IN like with it. (Ha.)

It's funny, I think Payne has had such a good career so far that this movie was a disappointment to me. I won't go into too many particulars, but I just didn't think it was up to his standards. Clearly I'm in the minority, as I could easily see this movie going on to win best picture this year. It seems like the movie people want to need right now, and that kind of groundswell should take it far.