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Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday's Old Fashioned (Will Return)

You may have noticed the lack of the Cinema Romantico staple in which every Friday we review a classic film. Or you very well may not have noticed it. A couple of my friends have admitted to my face they don't read those posts since they are often films with which they are completely unfamiliar and likely have no intention of ever seeing. And that's perfectly fine. Honest, it is. Either way, I kind of write those Friday-only posts for myself as much as my readers as a way to get myself to watch more classic film, something I wasn't doing near enough of in the last couple years.

But I got quite tangled up with the ceaseless spate of new movies at the theater and 2011 releases I still needed to see on DVD (and still need to see) and with holiday obligations and currently I'm in the midst of a very expansive project that is very, very close to my heart (and which will be up over on Anomalous Material soon).

All of this is just to say that yes, Friday's Old Fashioned will return. Eventually. So stop acting like your Fridays are meaningless without it!


Andrew K. said...

I always read, but I don't comment but always because how many ways can I spin *Great review, Nick. Oh, you're so funny/witty/quirky. Good point. This sounds interesting...etc, etc, etc, etc.*

Even I'm not talented enough to pull that off on a long running basis.

At least people you see face to face actually read your blog...

Nick Prigge said...

I swear I didn't just make this post to get congratulatory remarks from readers! I swear!!! I just wanted to explain where this series went! That's all!

But really, honestly, thank you for the kind words.

Also, I think you ARE that talented. I think you should try. (Okay, not really. Unless you want to.)

Derek Armstrong said...

I'll side with your friends and say that I don't often read it either. However, that's primarily because I don't generally want to read much about movies I haven't seen. (Unlike them, I probably do intend to see the movies you write about because I've decided that the informal impossible goal of my life is to see every movie ever been made.)

It gets at why we read blogs, or reviews in general. As a film lover, do I read to find out in-depth information about movies I haven't seen? No. I love getting a recommendation, and then I'll watch the movie and maybe (if I remember) circle back and read the post. No, I'd much rather read about a movie I've already seen, then comment on whether I agree or disagree.

What I probably should do is make note of which movies you write about, then use that as a recommendation. (Even if you might not have liked the movie in question, which I wouldn't know unless I read the post.)

I do the same thing on my blog where I watch three movies per month by a filmmaker/actor/actress with whom I am not particularly familiar. This is also so I can be sure to keep watching older films. But like you, I write this more for myself than for my readers. I can't reasonably expect that the average film blog reader will want to read my thoughts on the three Doris Day movies I saw in December. However, for just the right reader who happens to love Day, that kind of post might really speak to them.

I for one thing it's very important to present a wide variety of film writing on a blog. If you write only what you think is most likely to get read by the most readers, what are you really accomplishing? Who wants to read a blog that's devoted entirely to the latest fanboy ravings? A balance of topics is what tells me that someone is really engrossing themselves in the many-splendored world of cinema -- and that's the type of person I want to read.

Derek Armstrong said...

Sorry for the (at least) two typos in the previous comment. I'm better than that.