' ' Cinema Romantico: Oscar Best Score/Song Re-Imagined Pt. 2

Monday, February 20, 2012

Oscar Best Score/Song Re-Imagined Pt. 2

When this song appeared at the New Year's Eve party I attended, I immediately snagged a nearby toothpick and struck my version of "The Ryan Gosling In 'Drive' Pose", which is to say it looked an awful lot like a hapless Jesse Eisenberg attempting to be Ryan Gosling in "Drive". "I drive. Okay? That's what I do. I, like, drive. You've got me for five minutes and whatever happens on either side of those five minutes, you're on your own. In a manner of speaking. We could make that five minutes ten or fifteen. It's open to interpretation, I suppose. I'm pretty flexible with those rules. They're not really rules so much as guidelines. Guidelines might not even be right. It's just things you say as part of the negotiation and then you adapt on the fly. Also, I prefer not to run any red lights."

In fact, let's go ahead and greenlight a "Drive" remake with Eisenberg as Driver, Kristen Stewart as Irene, David Cross as Shannon, Nick Offerman as Bernie Rose, Meat Loaf as Nino, Rob McElhenney as Standard, Tara Reid as Blanche....have I taken this too far?


Andrew K. said...

Nick Offerman...hmm, I'd be down with that.

Nick Prigge said...

I'm pretty sure Nick Offerman could do anything.

KlingeltoneKostenlos said...
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