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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Official Cinematic Crush Update

What did Al Pacino say in that one "Godfather" film that also featured a future director I really, really like who really, really shouldn’t act? It was, I believe, something about extricating yourself from a particularly undesirable situation only to have circumstances beyond your control grab you by the throat, so to speak, and squeeze and then drag you back into a fray you would prefer to avoid at any and all costs because you know the discomfort it will cause will be inevitable and inevitably immense.

Please, Malin, don't become twee.
Yeah. That. That’s how I feel. As readers may recall, I abandoned my ill-fated experiment to blog every episode of Zooey Deschanel’s ABC sitcom “New Girl” in the face of its awe-inspiring mundaneness only to learn my official Cinematic Crush Malin Akerman has signed up to star in “The Smart One”……an ABC sitcom.

Well played, TV gods. Well played.


Castor said...

You must be in heaven :)

Andrew K. said...

You made me want to watch New Girl, and I almost did but between watching way too much television to begin with Zooey just doesn't work for me (unless she's singing amazing music for Winnie the Pooh).

Nick Prigge said...

Castor: A different "h" word came to mind.

Andrew: No, no, no! You don't want to watch New Girl! Trust me! TRUST ME!!!

Derek Armstrong said...

Isn't New Girl on Fox?

Actually, that's not a question. It's on Fox.

However, now I feel like Mr. Tyson from the other post. Because you told your story well, the fact that New Girl is on Fox rather than ABC is not really relevant.

Nick Prigge said...

Wow. You're totally right. I normally fact check those sorts of those things but I didn't here because I watched, like, half the freaking season and just assumed I remembered where I was watching it! Apparently not. Apparently Zooey's mercurialness warped on my brain.

Or (and this likely more accurate) I tricked myself into thinking it was on ABC so I could blame the universe.