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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Official Cinematic Crush Update

“The Smart One”, an ABC comedy pilot starring my official Cinematic Crush Malin Akerman and Portia de Rossi, has apparently gone the way of “Fox Force Five” – as in, it was not picked up for the network’s fall schedule.

Publicly, Cinema Romantico is unpleased. Make that, deliriously unpleased. No, we have not been afforded an opportunity to actually see the pilot – primarily because ABC rejected all our requests for a screener by saying “Wait, aren’t you that crazy blogger who thinks Malin Akerman is exactly like her character in ‘The Romantics?’” – but this is of little consequence. We are rock solid in our faith Ms. Akerman’s turn as a weathergirl turned mayor possessed comedic timing of the highest order and a unique yet genuine empathy. We are several tentpoles past certain that Ms. de Rossi made even her brilliant work as Lindsay Bluth in "Arrested Development" look like amateur hour. We are rooted in our belief that David Arquette stepped up to the plate and hit, well, maybe not a homerun or a triple or even a double but a blooper single that got the runner home, dammit. We have no reservations in declaring Jean Smart was going to be Emmy worthy. We might not have any idea who Nestor Carbonell is but we feel vaguely safe in saying he was probably pretty darn above average. We are without a shred of a doubt positive this show could have been a keeper if given the time to prove its worth. We are shocked, and chagrined – mortified and stupefied. This is simply another example of TV Exec Idiocy. We ask, will it never end?

Privately? Uh……

Privately………we are THRILLED we don’t have to watch another TV show we don’t want to watch and blog about it! MORE MOVIES!!! MORE MOVIES!!! MORE MOVIES!!!

Besides, now Malin can focus on making her run at Oscar glory in the Linda Lovelace biopic.

Hold it. I've just been handed an urgent news story. It seems Ms. Akerman just went on record as saying the Linda Lovelace biopic probably isn’t going to happen.

I really need to learn how to be more tactful.


Wretched Genius said...

Nestor Carbonell: the mayor in Nolan's Batman movies, Richard from Lost and, most importantly, Batmanuel from the live-action version of The Tick.

Anonymous said...

Bummer Nick! But like you said, she's better off doing more movies right?

I only know Nestor from Nolan's Batman flicks, ahah.

Nick Prigge said...

Brad: Ah. So he's one of those guys I know but I don't KNOW.

Ruth: Exactly! She's our "Cinematic" Crush for a reason. Just say no to TV, Malin.