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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Yes, Malin Akerman Is Still My Official Cinematic Crush

Yesterday if you were watching CNN and/or E! you may have seen the following newsflash scroll along the bottom of the screen:

Report: Cinema Romantico To Re-Name Katie Holmes As Official Cinematic Crush Following News Of Holmes And Tom Cruise Divorcing.

This, of course, was because Katie Holmes was Cinema Romantico's O.O.C.C. (Original Official Cinematic Crush) only to cede her throne when she agreed to wed the Cruise-ster.

Therefore I feel the need to publicly announce today that in spite of these rumors Malin Akerman IS and will REMAIN for the foreseeable future Cinema Romantico’s Official Cinematic Crush. Absolutely and Unequivocally. This is NOT changing.

Yes, Malin Akerman is still my official Cinematic Crush, so just calm down.
In fact, I have gone so far as to contact my lawyer to contact CNN and E! to demand a retraction. Though it should be noted my lawyer is actually my friend Dave (who conducts business from Goldie’s Lounge – Home of the $1 PBR! – between games of pool) and, thus, these retractions most likely will not happen.

Then again, the timing of this divorce coupled with the timing of so many stories about Malin Akerman and Tom Cruise French-kissing in "Rock of Ages" does make me a bit worried.

Tom wouldn’t steal my Official Cinematic Crush twice, would he?


Candice Frederick said...

love her!

Nick Prigge said...

She is pretty awesome. Can't wait to see her as Deborah Harry in CBGB's. That should be EXTRA-awesome.