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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Scene For Today: The Essence Of Clift

Last week over at Flixchatter, Ruth asked: Who's your favorite American soldier(s) in movies? I have one answer and one answer only. Montgomery Clift's Pvt. Robert E. Lee Prewitt in "From Here To Eternity", which I rewatched last night for the umpteenth time because of course I did.

Why Prewitt? We are introduced to him thusly...

--Capt. Holmes (Phillip Ober) addresses his new man, Pvt. Prewitt, for the first time.

Capt. Holmes: "Prewitt, I always make it a policy to talk to my new men. Now, I have a fine, smooth-running outfit. If I like a soldier, he can become a non-commissioned officer quickly. But he has to show me that he's got it on the ball. What trouble were you in, in the Bugle Corps?"
Prewitt: "No trouble, sir."
Capt. Holmes: "What made you transfer out then?
Prewitt: "It was a personal matter."
Capt. Holmes: "Something you wanted to ask, Sergeant?"

--Sgt. Warden (Burt Lancaster) enters the frame.

Sgt. Warden: "Why, yes, sir. Prewitt, you was a corporal in the Bugle Corps. You took a bust to buck private to transfer to an infantry outfit. Why? Because you like to hike, or was it because you couldn't stand to bugle?"
Prewitt: (edgier) "It was a personal matter."
Sgt. Warden: "That's up to the Company Commander to decide."
Capt. Holmes: "Well?"
Prewitt: "I was First Bugler for two years. The Top Kick had a friend who transferred in from another outfit. The next day he was made First Bugler over me. I was a better bugler."
Sgt. Warden: "And you asked out on account of that?"
Prewitt: "Maybe it ain't sensible. But that's the reason."


Lasso The Movies said...

Great Movie. Great Soldier. Great Actor. The perfect choice.

Nick Prigge said...

Amen. Amen. And Amen.

Andrew K. said...

Nope, I shall never ever ever tire of you constantly fĂȘting FROM HERE TO ETERNITY and the excellence that is Montgomery Clift in it.

Nick Prigge said...

Montgomery Clift's excellence truly is second to none.