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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sherlock or Sheriff?

Recently a few friends and I were at a British pub called the Red Lion here in Chicago to sip a few (too many) beers and I noticed on the food menu a sandwich called The Rathbone. Forgive me for I forget the exact ingredients of the delicacy, but the ingredients were not what interested me. What interested me was the sandwich billed itself as being named specifically for Basil Rathbone - the Basil Rathbone who became famous for playing one Sherlock Holmes.

I found this odd. I found this odd only because when I think of Basil Rathbone I immediately think not of Sherlock Holmes but of Sir Guy Of Gisbourne - otherwise known as the Sheriff Of Nottingham - in 1938's "Adventures of Robin Hood" (i.e. the only "Robin Hood" movie that matters).

Am I insane? Probably. It's just that long before I knew Rathbone as Sherlock, I knew him as Sir Guy (and as dastardly Captain Levasseur in "Captain Blood") and so every time I see with him with the pipe and the houndstooth I'm just waiting for the moment when he pulls a rapier and fences Watson. Which is why when I own the restaurant I'm never going to own my Rathbone sandwich will reference Sir Guy, not this......this.......this......Sherlock. (Scoffs.)

The Rathbone Sandwich: devious pepper turkey, cunning capicola and seasoned with a bit of ne'er do well vinaigrette.

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