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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Blogging Trophy Wife

Some readers may recall Cinema Romantico's previous attempts at blogging a TV show - "New Girl" - ended in spectacular failure. Some readers may recall that I broke my vow to watch and blog the entire first season of "New Girl" partially on account of my Official Cinematic Crush Malin Akerman when the ratings success of "New Girl" caused TV execs to look toward more movie actresses to potentially fill half-hour sitcom roles. Movie actresses like......Malin Akerman. Knowing that my watching of "New Girl" could potentially aid and abet Ms. Akerman's presence in a crappy TV show, I could not in good conscience continue.

I quote myself: "Look, I know she's great and dry and funny on 'Children's Hospital' but this isn't what we want from Malin full time, is it? It can't be! Please! Tell me it isn't! She's a silver-screenster! If Ms. Akerman winds up on some TV show where she has to film an episode as noxious as 'The Landlord' that would be too much to bear! It would be one thing if she landed the lead on, say, a Showtime original with a no b.s., hard-charging role with a creator who played by no rules but his own, but this article makes it sound like we're talking Big Four Network and that is 'Sleepaway Camp' frightening."

Oh, but the fickle Gods of TV have a wicked sense of humor, for here comes Malin herself as the title character of the brand new Big Four (ABC) sitcom "Trophy Wife" - premiering tonight at 8:30 CST.

Imagine that instead of Malin and a bottle of water, that's me and a bottle of scotch.
I confess the thought of watching this show fills me with dread and anxiety in equal doses and yet......Malin is my Official Cinematic Crush. I must stand up for her. I will stand up for her. I will watch her TV show. So help me God, I will watch it right down to the end (maybe?) whenever that end may come to pass. And I will blog about it.

Having learned a few things from my last stab at this TV blogging business, however, I plan to go about it differently. In the case of "New Girl" I felt too aligned to pre-conceived notions (which is wildly unfair to any creative venture) and an ill-conceived need to extract extra meaning and submit advice to imaginary show-runners and publish the post in the airing's immediate aftermath.

This time I will merely watch and then write whatever the hell I feel like writing whenever the hell I feel like writing it. Call it: Recap Vomit. Join me, won't you, vomit bags in tow?

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