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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Final Scene of Mission: Impossible Space Vertigo

In all the hullabaloo regarding the 117,000 superhero movies greenlit over the course of the next 75 years what got lost was the announcement that Tom Cruise would be starring in another 5 “Mission: Impossible” movies over the next 20 years. The final film, slated to be titled “Mission: Impossible Space Vertigo” will be helmed by a Finnish director you haven't heard of because he hasn't made a movie yet.

One of Cinema Romantico's most trusted sources was able to get his hands on a copy of the “Space Vertigo” screenplay, and the last scene's twist is so delicious I was left with no choice but to share it. And while I hesitate to divulge this information for fear of reprisals from both the studio and the Cruise Camp, well, I think when you see the “twist” I’m talking about you will agree it was worth the risk. The final scene has been re-printed below with no embellishments…


Ethan Hunt dangles from the tippy-top of the elevator, wearing a space helmet that, somehow, still allows his flowing locks to dangle to just below his neck, as Aarne Klaus, in a jet-black spacesuit, floating weightlessly, taunts him from just above.

Ethan looks down, Earth spinning just below him, its atmosphere ready and willing to incinerate him should be fall.

Klaus rears back with his pugilistic space gloves and slams into both of Ethan’s desperate hands. 

With a defiant yell, Ethan lets go and falls, falling and falling toward Earth. Nothing can stop his ultimate demise now.


BRIAN FLANAGAN, leaning against the back counter of illuminated liquor with a mop in hand, is dozing while standing up. Seeing this, his wife, JORDAN MOONEY, smacks him with a wet dish towel.

JORDAN: Hey. Dufus. You were sleeping on the job again.

BRIAN: I just had the strangest dream. I dreamt that I was a special agent in the IMF.

JORDAN: IMF? You mean, like “Mission: Impossible”? The old TV show?

BRIAN: Yeah, exactly.

JORDAN: Was Peter Graves there?

BRIAN: I think so. But he looked more like Jon Voight.

JORDAN: Jon Voight?

BRIAN: And I was married to that girl we saw in “True Detective.”

JORDAN: Maggie Hart? You were married to Maggie Hart?

BRIAN: It was really weird. My personality kept changing. And the tone of the whole dream was just like......all over the place. Like, I was slipping in and out of different dreamscapes created by different people. They were so uneven in quality. It felt like I was at this dock in Sydney for, like, 127 hours. 

JORDAN: No more daiquiris for you before bed. By the way, one of the regulars threw up in the bathroom again. Too many whiskey sours.

BRIAN: (sighs) I’ll get to it.

JORDAN: Cocktails and dreams, eh, Bri’?

Brian shuffles off. In the distance, from the jukebox, or perhaps an old transistor radio, we hear “Aruba, Jamaica ooo I wanna take you / Bermuda, Bahama come on pretty mama”…


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