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Friday, September 28, 2018

An Early Autumn Siesta

Oops! My bad! Apologies, loyal frustrated followers! I mixed up screenshots! This is supposed to be a Going on Vacation post, not a Glowering and Drinking Scotch While America Burns post! But it’s so hard these days to keep a smiley face amidst 2018’s cruel, never-ending civic and political burlesque. Yes, yes, I know, as a lyrical scholar once observed, the fire’s always been burning since the world’s been turning. But damn, you’d think after 4.543 billion years that maybe we would have figured out how to douse the flames a little bit rather than just fan them, which I do not mean as a Flake-ish Call for Civility™but a furious lament at the mind-bending inability (unwillingness) of so many to simply acknowledge what’s right. In such an environment, day-to-day escape, which is so necessary, so valuable, has become so difficult. To get away you must go away. And we will.

We are getting the hell out, of America for a brief respite, and we are getting the hell out of our blogging interface for a little while too. We have been behind on our movie-watching all year, and we plan to catch up, for the most part, to the best of our ability, over the final few months of 2018. But that requires taking time away and getting our mind right. As such, Cinema Romantico will be shuttered for the first half of October to recharge the blogging batteries and gear up for the awards seasons crescendo, as well as the festive Hallmark Christmas Movie season, never mind the culmination to 2018 itself which will no doubt be the most thunderous conclusion of all.

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