' ' Cinema Romantico: A Toast to 2020

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

A Toast to 2020

Loyal frustrated followers might recall that back in January, in the early days of 2019, which still felt a lot like 2018 to me, which felt oddly akin to 2017, and so on, I made one New Year’s Resolution and one New Year’s resolution only — that was, to rewatch “Once Upon a Time in the West.” And loyal frustrated followers might recall that back in July, I copped to having dithered away 203 days without watching “Once Upon a Time in the West”, leaving a mere 162 days to see my resolution through. It is 162 days later. As you might suspect by this point in the post, I have not watched “Once Upon a Time in the West”, a resolution failure which, frankly, feels apropos for 2019. Because, honestly, time here in America during the ongoing reign of King Big Brain I has essentially stopped even if it also feels endless.

And so, as we enter the New Year (the New Decade), and as the war between Millennials and Boomers rages on, I’m going back to my Gen X roots; nothing matters and nothing’s changing, who are we kidding; I’m making no resolutions. It’s 2020, here’s to “a plague of pustulant boils upon all their scurvid asses.”

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