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Thursday, August 06, 2020

Ray of Light

Last week Deadline broke the news that Amy Adams will star in a movie with a title that I desperately wish I could hear my ex-movie theater manager (throw your hands up if you know who I’m talking about) announce to a crowded lobby is now seating: “Nightbitch.” Adams plays a woman convinced she is turning into a dog. The Amy-Adams-Will-Do-Anything-To-Win-An-Oscar tweets wrote themselves. The foremost question, it seems, whether she really is turning into a dog remains TBD because the movie is based on a book that has yet to be published. That, though, interests us here at Cinema Romantico less then another hypothetical: what if other Amy Adams movie characters thought they were turning into dogs? And more specifically and much more crucially, what kinds of dogs would her characters turn into?

A few thoughts:

Dr. Louise Banks, Arrival: German Shepherd

Ashley Johnsten, Junebug: Golden Retriever

Delysia Lafosse, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day: Pomeranian

Rose Lorkowski, Sunshine Cleaning: Australian Cattle Dog

Susan, Talladega Nights: Pit Bull

Lois Lane, Man of Steel: Alaskan Husky

Susan Morrow, Nocturnal Animals: Weimaraner

Sister James, Doubt: Greyhound

Charlene Fleming, The Fighter: Mutt

Lady Edith Greensly (Sydney Prosser), American Hustle: Elvira’s Poodle

Peggy Dodd, The Master: Frank the Pug, Men in Black

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