' ' Cinema Romantico: Ray of Light Black Cloud

Monday, November 02, 2020

Ray of Light Black Cloud

Saturday Night Live, 10/8/1988  Tom Hanks as Peter Jennings, Phil Hartman as David Brinkley

Peter Jennings: “Well, David, throughout your career, you’ve been known for your cynicism, but certainly you haven’t lost that much faith in the presidency.”

David Brinkley: “Well, Peter, as I get older, I find I’ve lost faith in a good many things – country, family, religion, the love of a man for a woman. I’ve reached a point where it’s struggle to get up in the morning, to continue to plod through a dreary, nasty, brutal life of terrible desperation at the end of which we’re all just food for maggots.”

Peter Jennings: “Food for maggots, indeed.”

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