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Friday, June 03, 2011

37 Reasons Elizabethtown Is Currently My Favorite Movie Ever

(Reader: "Oh no. Did Nick get drunk and watch 'Elizabethtown' again?"
Cinema Romantico: "Yes. He did. Our sincere apologies.") 

1. The sound of the cicadas enveloping Drew when he first gets out of the car in Kentucky.
2. “I teach him about Abraham Lincoln and Ronnie Van Zant, because in my house they are both of equal importance.”

Chuck & Cindy: "Lovin' life, lovin' you."
3. Chuck & Cindy.
4. Chuck & Cindy’s wedding beer.
5. “Life and death and life and death! Right next door to each other! There’s a hair between them!”
6. Rusty's Learning To Listen Part 8.

7. Claire's red hat.
8. Claire's Makers Mark tee shirt.
9. Ruckus.
10. Paul Schneider’s reaction shot after his dad says “You can’t be buddies with your own kid.” I think Schneider will have a long, successful career but he will never have a moment, as far as I'm concerned, better than this one.
11. The girl holding Cousin Jesse's (Schneider) son on her lap at the end at the memorial who I really, really, really like to imagine is Jesse girlfriend.

12. "Summerlong" by Kathleen Edwards.
13. Bill Banyon.
14. "You will not defeat me."
15. Claire's walk of shame. The greatest walk of shame in the long history of great walk of shames.
16. The fact that when Clare makes her walk of shame Chuck is in the hotel lobby drinking a beer at ten in the morning.
17. The fact Claire sees the Mississippi River not as Water Flowing South but as “Mark Twain’s muse and Jeff Buckley’s funeral bed.” Seriously, Chicagoans, do you see Milwaukee & Honore as a street corner in Wicker Park or as the home of Championship Vinyl? Don’t talk to me if it’s the former, thanks.

18. The fact Claire takes mental pictures. Honest to God, my favorite pictures in life are all mental pictures. Every single one. 
19. "Come Pick Me Up" by Ryan Adams.
20. "I just recently decided that maybe things really are black and white."
21. Orlando Bloom. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, I know he's not very good here. But you know what? Stevie Van Zandt isn't a very good singer, either, and I'm always ecstatic when he harmonizes with Bruce. Sometimes a lack of skills is made up for with good intentions.
22. The Brown Hotel, because when/if my friends Dave and Daryl and I ever make our talked about trip to tour the Maker's Mark distillery I am GOING to stay at the same hotel Drew Baylor stayed at, so help me God.
23. The World's 2nd Largest Farmer's Market.
24. Dinosaur World.

25. Drew throwing the ashes at the Lorraine Motel. Goosebumps, man.
26. 60B: ETown theme.
27. The Greatest Chili In The World.
28. “The rich fury of our almost romance.” That line essentially encapsulates every romantic relationship I’ve ever had. Sad, but true. Almost romances. That’s my specialty.

29. Susan Sarandon tap dancing. I hope when I die my theoretical wife busts a move onstage to “Bad Romance.”
30. "Learning To Fly" by Tom Petty.
31. "But something happened between us that was not part of the plan."
32. Last Looks. Especially when it turns out what you thought was a last look wasn't really one at all.
33. The look Dunst throws Bloom when he enters the hotel lobby with his dad’s ashes while she’s chilling with Cindy & the girls.
34. Drew grabbing Claire's hand when they go after the forgotten urn.
35. The scene where Drew and Uncle Dale and Bill Banyon are standing around the kitchen at night. That scene oozes life. You can feel yourself in that room. You can feel it.
36. Drew and Claire's watching the sunrise ending in kind of a letdown because the movie is smart enough to know the best part is the actual decision to stay up and go watch the sunrise together.
37. "I say make time to dance alone with one hand waving free." A-fucking-men.


Anonymous said...

This movie is either loved, ironically loved or derided because it's the reason why Nathan Rabin incepted the term 'Manic Pixie Dream Girl' for Kirsten Dunst. In a way, she's tattoed in the history of cinema because of the term. I want to see this because of that, because I think Kiki is underrated and the greatest actress of her generation, because I want to be a Kiki completist, and other reasons I don't know yet.

Nick Prigge said...

I had no idea her nickname was Kiki. Should I have known that? Anyway, I, as a matter of fact, AM a Dunst and/or Kiki completist. Which means I have to see the new Lars von Trier movie. In fact, I smell a blog post!!!

Derek Armstrong said...

I can't believe I read your whole list. I do not [rest of comment deleted to avoid giving offense to a person who has just said this movie is his favorite movie ever, even though he's clearly exaggerating just to be funny].

Derek Armstrong said...

Also, I always thought "Manic Pixie Dream Girl" was coined to describe Zooey Deschanel.

Nick Prigge said...

Wow. Thank you for reading the whole list. I can’t say I really expected anyone to make it through. I mean, most of it probably doesn’t even make sense if you haven’t seen the movie recently. But man, it was fun to write.

Whenever I think of The Manic Pixie Dream Girl I think of Natalie Portman in Garden State. But that’s probably just because, as is obvious, I’m biased and will defend Kirsten in this against anyone.

The Kid In The Front Row said...

You're awesome.

Nick Prigge said...

You are.

Seriously, I think you & I might be this film's most prolific and passionate champions.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this awesome page. I googled the phrase "Jeff Buckley's funeral bed" because I was thinking about Jeff's drowning just now... and came across your page.

This movie is seriously in my top five of all-time, and kudos for the reference to High Fidelity (speaking of "top five"...)

You clearly described why this movie is so great, but forgot one thing in your list-- how genuine, sweet, and perfectly girl-next-door Kirsten Dunst is, as Ms. Coburn. My goal is to meet and marry a girl exactly like her (who will make the ultimate road trip mix, and surprise you at every corner). I'm 35, so I doubt it will happen, but one can dream.

Thank you again for this AWESOME post/page.

-Chris Caulder

Nick Prigge said...

Thank you! For reading! And being onboard the "Elizabethtown" Is Totally Awesome Bandwagon!

And fear not, my friend, I understand the radiance of Claire Colburn. I actually wrote a piece for another site defending (and probably kind of professing my love) for her character.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed every item on this list in the movie as well, which I have seen about 35 times. Can't get enough of it. Thank you for a beautiful composition of all the greatest parts :)

Nick Prigge said...

Thank you! 35 times? Call me impressed. I would say that if I watched it 35 times I might get sick of it, except I know that's not true.

Suzi said...

totally on the elizabethtown is totally awesome bang wagon... nye - sick and watching it again... honestly didnt think guys would be that into it. love that there are guys out there that are!

Doah said...

Love this! I agree: http://ramblingdoah.blogspot.com/2006/01/best-movie-of-2005.html

Unknown said...

My husband and I are addicted, absolutely addicted to this movie-a fiasco!

Anonymous said...

Being from Elizabethtown Kentucky and having moved away 10 years ago, this is my favorite movie and I watch it whenever I am missing Kentucky (so basically every week). Thanks for the list- it brought a smile :-)

Andina said...

Nice one. I love Sarandon's tap dancing too, so sad but also about letting go.

I also love Dunst quote about failing big.

I find this movie as one of the weakest among Crowe films, but I love this movie's concept.

BenHendrix said...

YES and YES. This movie is in a league of its own. You either get it or you don't. But its my personal favorite movie of all time. Good grief, where's the blu ray already? :)

Unknown said...

Mitch. I am in his Club too. the soundtrack is wonderful. I've seen it at least a dozen times.
my favorite scene is when Drew arrives at the funeral home and gets that hug from his Cuz. and later when Uncle Dale thanks Drew for taking an interest in Jesse.
We don't get enough images of genuine male relationships like this.
Chuck & Cindy's openness. reminded me of the film Grand Canyon when Mary mcD tells her husband that you never know when you meet someone that will be your best friend for the rest of your life. it is so true.

Agnieszka Wrzos said...

It's also my beloved movie <3
Greetings from Poland ;)

jillb said...

Sharing in the Elizabeth town lovefest! Great list and observations. I love this movie as much as you do!

Unknown said...

"Stop the cremation! Stop the cremaaation!"

Unknown said...

I LOVE this movie, and am THRILLED to see it recently is back on the station I have. I love it for many reasons but never got around to watching it until I was recovering from a bone marrow transplant after leukemia treatment, I had ALOT of time to kill and I felt like I was THERE. I REALLY FELT the "celebration of life" scene with Susan Sarandon tap dancing to "Moon River", I really FELT that scene in the kitchen you mentioned, too. I was just thinking that right before I read this...(I actually Google Chuck and Cindy- the Wedding & this came up!🤣😂🤣💕) It's one of those movies that feels like a vacation you were on & you miss everyone when it's over... So glad I ran across this post!

Michael Bond said...
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Michael Bond said...

I finally caught up with this movie in 2022. Loved it. I'd add #38 the Ruckus reunion and freebird. Ruckus on the bottom of the poster, but still the pride he had. Dunst is ♡