' ' Cinema Romantico: The Luck Of The Irish

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Luck Of The Irish

The Luck Of The Irish: If you're an honest cop in New York City named Tom O'Meara and allow a houseguest you have never met to stay with you, the houseguest will double as a member of the IRA trying to purchase guided missiles.


Derek Armstrong said...

Okay Nick, I'm about two weeks behind on your blog, and I haven't even read the post I'm commenting on -- but I had to reach out to you because I just saw you quoted in a trailer for a movie. Are you aware of this? It's a coming of age story from somewhere in Sweden or Denmark or Norway, and dammit if I can't remember the title even though I just saw the trailer two hours ago. (I was watching Jeff, Who Lives at Home.) However, it's something you wrote about for Anomalous Material. Do you know which movie I'm talking about? Were you aware of this? Exciting stuff.

Nick Prigge said...

What?! No freaking way!

Turn Me On Dammit! At least, I'm positive it's that one! I saw it at the Chicago Film Festival and freaking loved it and gave it a super good review and my quotes have popped here and there across the interwebs but......the trailer?!

F---, that's awesome! Thanks for telling me, man! I'm even more excited to go see Jeff, Who Lives at Home now!

Derek Armstrong said...

Well, I can't be sure you'd get it in front of your screening of Jeff. But yes, that's the title. All I could remember was that it was a command of some sort. I was looking up things like Kiss Me You Fool. Pretty close, but that obviously wouldn't bring it up.

Yeah, I can't remember the exact quotation, but that's a nice little surprise to discover for yourself when the time comes. It's attributed to "Nick Prigge, Anomalous Material." You may be able to find it online.

Derek Armstrong said...

Yep, just checked, the trailer is available on IMDB and it has your quotation.

Nick Prigge said...

Got to watch it and very cool, I have to say. So nice to be have a quote attributed to a tiny little movie that I adore so much.