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Friday, October 22, 2021

Adventures in Movie Posters, part 257

Nothing can be said to be certain, except death, taxes, and Twitter’s main character. The first two are ancient, of course, the latter a more recent phenomenon but no less insidious really. It goes like this, you log onto your second least favorite social media site to discover a torrent of weighings in on some Tweet or article you haven’t seen or read, probably don’t know anything about, but that is, more than likely, pertaining to something tone deaf, socially oblivious, or just plain stupid. But because of Twitter’s infinite Interwebs space, there are typically a subset of main characters, one for each of the myriad platform hives, like Film Twitter or College Football Twitter. (Only Kylie Minogue Twitter is free from this scourge. That’s because Kylie is, simply, an angel.) Yesterday, however, for a fleeting moment, Film Twitter did not have one main character but three of them.

Originally a Universal Film, the distribution rights for “Red Notice” were acquired by streaming behemoth Netflix way back in 2019 and yesterday the $200 million budgeted film dropped a poster and a trailer, launching a thousand overworked Twitter jokes since the poster essentially looks like some banal absurdity that would have been up in the Paradise Twin when the “Seinfeld” gang tried to go see a movie. Now I’m not opposed to making such jokes, especially one that cost $200 million, but I don’t know, man. I’m not seeing the problem with this poster. This poster is the gold standard of middling. If I was running Hollywood and you just brought me this poster, sans treatment, I would probably greenlight a $200 million budget too.

On the middling thriller scale, Cinema Romantico gives “Red Notice” five out of a possible five Runaway Juries. Must see!

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